Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in a call center? Call centers are where customers call in with questions or concerns about products, maybe even technical support for the products that company provides. Each call center is different and their expectations of what they expect from the customer service professionals are all slightly different. The customer service professionals that work in the call center are very knowledgeable with the company and procedures. When you first get hired for a call center you will first probably have extensive training for all the products and services the company offers, you will also be trained on the software and rules for the company. Since call centers never can really tell what types of calls will be coming in, they will train you on the basics of everything. After training they will usually have you sit with a person who has been there awhile to listen to live calls. Your main job will be to offer the superior customer service when talking to the customers for the company. You could be answering questions, setting up service calls, selling or upgrading services and products, or you could be giving technical advice during the day. Each call will may be different, but you must stay professional with every call, no matter how the person calling in treats you. Unfortunately, being the first contact for the company, the customers sometimes take their frustration out on you.